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Recently, I had the great pleasure of meeting a very special SL photographer, Marcopol Oh.  I have been following his work for a few years, and I have watched his evolution from being a good artist to a great one. If my swiss-cheese memory is cooperating, the very first of his photographs that held my [...]


Novula White dress (Photo Credit: Beck Azalee, Picture Perfect studio) The very first time I saw dresses from Baiastice, my internal conversation went something like this “Oh, I want that….I want that….and that one too….ooh, and I want this one!”  These days the conversation goes something like this “Oh, I have that….I want that….have that [...]


I ran into CStar Skins owner Unico Solo over the weekend and she was kind enough to take time out of her insanely busy schedule to give me a tour of her new CStar location.  A whimsical spot it is, and fitting for Solo’s exceptionally artistic and unique skin creations, which range from high fashion [...]

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It is fitting that our first “Avatars with Style” series features a woman that embodies the very notion of personal expression through style. Moon is a gentle, sweet and loving spirit, but she’s one tough cookie, so don’t mess with her! Her style is a reflection of who she is: sexy, feminine, and strong. Enjoy [...]


This photograph captures (just about) everything I’ve discovered and fallen madly in love with in SL this week. The first is this gorgeous skin by CStar.  If you love it too, hurry on over, because the really cool thing about CStar is that each of their skins is a limited edition. That’s right, these skins [...]


Skin Drama

by Claudie Benoir on November 17, 2009 · 0 comments

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For a hot club look that’s sure to command attention, we’re loving this dramatic Red Queen skin ([rQ]Bronze@TYPE.o7-hairBASE-L.o4/w.TATTOO) combined with the equally dramatic “Sophie” Shape by Iarita Beck at UNIQUE MEGASTORE. Find the outfit at UK Couture. This photo was taken by Fall Hansome at SLeek as a candid and shared with his permission — thanks Fall!