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Guest Contributor: Finn Aries Amarilum at Annwn Willows, Photo: Leda Carter This week, Finn and I bring to your attention a sim that is exceptional on more than one account.  Some of you might know this sim as Just Visiting, but it recently went through some renovation and is called Annwn Willows.  This sim is [...]


It comes to you as no surprise that I spend a fair amount of time looking through Flickr streams. Last year, on one of those late nights, a photograph stopped me in my tracks. It expressed a feeling of serenity, and if you have ever tried snapping any kind of picture in SL you know [...]


If your SLife crosses paths with photography, in any shape or form, then you know the name Julie Hastings. And if you don’t, I suggest you start this very moment. I remember when her name made me pay attention: I had heard her name around and would occasionally browse her Flickr stream too; however, one day I [...]


Welcome to the third installation of our Meet SL Photographer series. This series started as a simple idea of writing an article to introduce a few photographers whose works I liked. As I started looking around and spending endless hours on Flickr, I discovered various artistic approaches to post-processing of SL pictures. As a result, [...]


I still remember the very first time I saw a picture developed by Sixx Yangtz. I was looking through an online album of a friend, Sinnamon Aries, and came across a breath-taking photograph of her avatar. After she introduced me to Sixx’s work, I simply could not resist going back every day and looking at [...]


I was wandering around an art opening in Paris a week or so ago and noticed a very stylish avatar standing next to some intriguing images. Me being, you know, “me” … crafted an opening line that went a little something dorky like this: [2010/04/25 14:34] Claudie Benoir: you look adorable! Araminta Kroitschov thanked me, [...]

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