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Isn’t it great to have patient and willing friends? I had planned to do a whole lot of SL cleaning during the holidays, and catch up with style-cards. I am making slow progress on the style-cards as evident by this post being the 3rd I have done, and still being 5 behind. I have not [...]


Top: Miamai, GrixShirt Skirt: Gizza, Black Feather Series II Leggings: Izzie’s, floral swirls Boots: G101, Alpha Boots Earrings: Donna Flora, ANGELS Hair: Dura, Emo 07


And, Red it is. I have missed you, Red. I know I usually avoid you in December. I am sure you get by without me, because you get so much attention during that time that you won’t miss me. But, now, my dear. Now, when everyone leaves you behind, here I amĀ againĀ - loving you. Wearing [...]


The past few weeks have been hectic and stressful for me. I hope that life has been treating you kinder. But, now the holidays are here and I get to play some – yay!! So, to reward myself for having survived this past quarter, I went to one of my favorite stores to shop: Miamai. [...]

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I guess I cannot help it that one has to showcase one red dress they love, for the holidays. It might have been helped if red was not one of the colors that I like and looks good on me, but as everything stands I love to wear this one (again). As you might have [...]