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Dress: Kunglers, Linda, zebra; Jewelry: Kunglers Extra; Hair: lamb, Soma, ink; Shoes: Mea Cupla, Virgin There are different aspects of each designer, whom I bring to you, that I appreciate.  Often, it is the style, the attitude, the texture, or the colors.  These attributes hold true for the house of design in focus of this [...]


So, it is that time of the month.err, year. I have been cleaning my closet, trying to make room for this season’s arrivals. Some really cool stuff out there, and I will be sure to bring you my hand picked selection next week. However, part of the fun is you find clothes that you had [...]


Takara Bangle in Red Leather, all pictures courtesy of Beck Azalee from Picture Perfect studio If you have ever searched for something more than a tennis bracelet on SL, you know that hand accessories abound. The difficulty is only introduced when you want something that does not require hours of adjusting, looks good in various lights, [...]


As I have said before, I am not a diamond girl. Don’t get me wrong; I love jewelry. I am just not in love with gems. And if that sounds like an oxymoronic statement to you, it is not my fault—the definition of jewelry does in fact include “any ornaments for personal adornment.” In short, [...]


Novula White dress (Photo Credit: Beck Azalee, Picture Perfect studio) The very first time I saw dresses from Baiastice, my internal conversation went something like this “Oh, I want that….I want that….and that one too….ooh, and I want this one!”  These days the conversation goes something like this “Oh, I have that….I want that….have that [...]


I am not a diamond girl. Really. I am not.  Yes, that makes me a cheap date, but not easy, I assure you. I tend to like funky jewelry; pieces that don’t go unnoticed. You could say that I like art hanging from my neck. I never shop for jewelry based on its price, and [...]