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Dress: Zibska, Corvo; Hair: Zibska, Epoque; Pose: Del May, Exquisite; Location: World’s End Garden My nephew of two and a half years old stands in front of the mirror admiring all of his own 2.5ft covered in a white button-down shirt and jeans. “I am a boy!” he half-screams. “Yes, you are!” I smile back. [...]


Dress: Baiastice Mattina Chiffon; Shoes: Sim-i-Lar PietraSanta; Hair: CaTwA Sama; Photograph by Leda (unedited) Years ago, when my SLife was just starting, I stumbled into a store that I loved. If you have read me in the past, you know that story and I won’t bore you by repeating it. The store was Sissy Pessoa’s [...]


It is fitting that our first “Avatars with Style” series features a woman that embodies the very notion of personal expression through style. Moon is a gentle, sweet and loving spirit, but she’s one tough cookie, so don’t mess with her! Her style is a reflection of who she is: sexy, feminine, and strong. Enjoy [...]


This photograph captures (just about) everything I’ve discovered and fallen madly in love with in SL this week. The first is this gorgeous skin by CStar. ┬áIf you love it too, hurry on over, because the really cool thing about CStar is that each of their skins is a limited edition. That’s right, these skins [...]