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Dress: Kunglers, Linda, zebra; Jewelry: Kunglers Extra; Hair: lamb, Soma, ink; Shoes: Mea Cupla, Virgin There are different aspects of each designer, whom I bring to you, that I appreciate.  Often, it is the style, the attitude, the texture, or the colors.  These attributes hold true for the house of design in focus of this [...]


So, it is that time of the month.err, year. I have been cleaning my closet, trying to make room for this season’s arrivals. Some really cool stuff out there, and I will be sure to bring you my hand picked selection next week. However, part of the fun is you find clothes that you had [...]


Dress: Armaani Ivory; Jewelry: +ROZOREGALIA+; Hair: W&Y; Photograph: courtesy of CKDexter Howley There is little debate about the fact that Utopia sets a standard in gown creation. This is not due only to the fact that the designs are creative, sexy, and have vibrant colors.  It is also the result of the great care paid [...]


Dress: Precieuse by Alafolie; Photo credit: Beck Azalee, Picture Perfect studio Some months ago, on one of those rare,  ”hard-to-imagine,” nights when I had trouble getting through the entrance to Franks Place, I started wandering around at the Galleria.  I walked in to this fairly small store I had never seen before, and was surprised by the sheer number [...]