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I cannot tell you how I found myself at Elemiah Designs for the first time. I do, however, remember seeing a summer dress at the entrance and being surprised at its affordability. Elemiah Coche who opened her store in April of 2007 on the Avenue Champs Elyeese Paris, is passionate about designing. The store itself [...]


Novula White dress (Photo Credit: Beck Azalee, Picture Perfect studio) The very first time I saw dresses from Baiastice, my internal conversation went something like this “Oh, I want that….I want that….and that one too….ooh, and I want this one!”  These days the conversation goes something like this “Oh, I have that….I want that….have that [...]


For those occasions when you need a “sure to impress” look, I go for simple elegance with just the right dash of sexy.  Nothing makes this easier to achieve than the perfect black dress.  Doesn’t every girl’s closet need one? This gorgeous Chantkare number is one of my absolute favorites.  The lace bodice adds just the [...]


Award-winning Second Life fashion designer Thea Tamura recently sat downwith AvatarStyle at her store to discuss her creative process and most recent designs. The first thing you will notice about Ms. Tamura is that she is absolutely stunning with a captivating personal style.  But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find her a hard-working designer [...]