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Formal Gowns

Him: Men Behaving Badly; Her: Leila in silver (hair by Donna Flora, skin by Aida Ewing) If you are interested in women’s fashion in RL, you might have noticed that most of the successful designers are male.  Don’t get me wrong; there are female successes – Donna Karen, Coco Chanel, Nina Ricci.  But, there is [...]


A lesson I learned early on in my SLife was: do not shop late at night.  It turned out that my late-night shopping trips were mostly regrettable the next day.  However, there have been rare mornings when I have been amazed by my find and have returned.  PurpleMoon Creations was such a find, late at [...]


Dress: Armaani Ivory; Jewelry: +ROZOREGALIA+; Hair: W&Y; Photograph: courtesy of CKDexter Howley There is little debate about the fact that Utopia sets a standard in gown creation. This is not due only to the fact that the designs are creative, sexy, and have vibrant colors.  It is also the result of the great care paid [...]


Dress, including the wrap & hat: Mea Culpa Polar Light; Hair: lamb; Photograph: courtesy of Beck Azalee Newcomers in the world of fashion are abundant. The challenge is not entering the arena, but lasting in it. Survivors are those who have you take a second look at their creation. Rarer, yet, than “survivors” are “shiners” [...]


I cannot tell you how I found myself at Elemiah Designs for the first time. I do, however, remember seeing a summer dress at the entrance and being surprised at its affordability. Elemiah Coche who opened her store in April of 2007 on the Avenue Champs Elyeese Paris, is passionate about designing. The store itself [...]


Dress: Amanda Nature by Kunglers; photo credit: Beck Azalee, Picture Perfect studio I might wear a full gown occasionally, but what I live in are dresses—be it a cocktail dress, a business casual dress, or a dress to play at the beach. Dresses are easy to wear, feminine, and great fun to accessorize. Oddly enough, [...]