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Day Dresses

Once again two of my favorite, talented, and wonderfully sweet designers have added something to the world that tingles my soul, fills my cup, and reminds me why I am still here. Yeah, the nostalgic bit brought to you by my approaching my 8th Rez day! *blows her SL-grey hairs out of her face* Anyhow, [...]


Did you know that 1 out of 4 women experience domestic violence over their lifetimes? Did you know that Generalized Anxiety Disorder develops in about 1 in 50 people at some stage in life? Did you know that Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a mental health problem and not related to vanity? Did you know that [...]


Dress: Amanda Nature by Kunglers; photo credit: Beck Azalee, Picture Perfect studio I might wear a full gown occasionally, but what I live in are dresses—be it a cocktail dress, a business casual dress, or a dress to play at the beach. Dresses are easy to wear, feminine, and great fun to accessorize. Oddly enough, [...]