Exploring the countryside in an RV is a great adventure, even better with all the comforts of home

Exploring the countryside in an RV is a great adventure, even better with all the comforts of home

It may not be the most exciting bit of the holiday but owners must make sure they have jacks, spare tires and that wheels and mirrors are up to scratch. Generators and power kits are also for sale. RVs are large vehicles and the addition of a handrail, ladders and steps could make life easier. Camping World RV also sell mats and patio rugs.

Different equipment is needed for different weather conditions. Even a sunny day can turn into a chilly evening and it’s a good idea to have some sort of portable heater. The range includes convection heaters, electric and propane heaters. Cooking smells will need to be removed and general air freshness can be maintained with air conditioners, fans and vents. Some people like to have air purifiers as well. Screens for doors, windows and visors give good shade.

Cooking is conveniently done on portable or table top grills. Charcoal gives the perfect cooked outside flavor and there are also electric and gas grills. Accessories for these include tools, lighters and grill stands. Eating outside is comfortable with a folding table and chairs. Some tables also have a grill rack attached. Relaxing in the sun is best done on a recliner.

The company provides a full range of kitchen equipment, including cookware and dinner service. Stove top covers are a safety feature for young children. Other kitchenware includes a dish drainer, corkscrew and coffee maker. If there are any accidents in the kitchen or anywhere else, Camping World RV has first aid kits available.

It may be a rainy day or there may be want of entertainment on an evening. Camping World RV sells TV sets and DVD players with accessories such as cable, speaker systems and satellite dishes. There is a range of audio gadgets to listen to music, including iPods and mP3 players. Radios are also for sale.

The kids need to be entertained and there are lots of toys to choose from, including yo-yo’s, junior fishing rods and soccer balls and footballs. Board games, puzzles and card games are also available. Books and videos on aspects of RV touring and maps and guides are also available, so there is no excuse to get lost!

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