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Entrepreneurs with Style

Petal Fairlock is a RL photographer whose artistic voice is expressed through images taken from nature with a Holga camera, which she describes as, “a wonderful plastic camera with very little technology, allowing me to focus more on my composition and connection with the natural world.” Her images are not only taken without high-tech gadgetry, [...]

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By Claudie Benoir Several months ago, as sometimes happens in SL, I found myself unexpectedly homeless. The thought of finding a new place to live was daunting; luckily, that’s when I met Taylor Danick. Taylor listened to my situation and quickly set me up with a sky platform so I could “set home to here” [...]


By Claudie Benoir and Cleo Tebaldi The AvatarStyle staff recently attended a fashion show for Jador, and were so impressed by the quality of the presentation, we decided to sit down with TRENDY Models founder and C.E.O. Jillian Convair to find out about what it really takes to execute a successful fashion show. First, just [...]


Award-winning Second Life fashion designer Thea Tamura recently sat downwith AvatarStyle at her store to discuss her creative process and most recent designs. The first thing you will notice about Ms. Tamura is that she is absolutely stunning with a captivating personal style.  But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find her a hard-working designer [...]