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Avatars with Style

a Model: Jamee Sandalwood; Photo by J4ck Nichols I met Jamee Sandalwood-Binder some years ago, through a friend who used to be a photographer and referred to Jamee as a “very nice lady.”  I am not a big fan of the adjective “nice” in general; it seems one of those all encompassing adjectives to use when [...]


Recently, I had the great pleasure of meeting a very special SL photographer, Marcopol Oh.  I have been following his work for a few years, and I have watched his evolution from being a good artist to a great one. If my swiss-cheese memory is cooperating, the very first of his photographs that held my [...]


As most of you know by now, I am not so much a photographer or blogger, rather I am the stalker of them. *ahem*  I love looking at their talents and skills – whether it is their photography, their avatars, their stylings, or their setup of a scene. As a result, I spend a lot [...]

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If you know anything about male fashion/blogging/fashion-photography, you must have heard the name, Hikaru Enimo.  If you have not, you have been missing out.  I started following Hika’s career a while ago, but only recently had a chance to meet him in person.  I met him at the great place he shares with the one [...]


I remember, a couple of years ago, late one night while I was flipping through Flickr, on Skip Staheli’s stream I noticed one of his great pieces and the sweet-face model in it. A few days after that, I noticed the same model someplace else – could have been a magazine’s ad, or a photographer’s [...]


When you meet Serene Faith, do expect to be impressed by how elegant and beautiful she looks. Her title of Miss Virtual World is well deserved. But, more importantly, she deserves the title because she is a lady, is bright, is kind, and has a bright disposition. Truly, a pleasant company.  I met Serene at [...]


—The Basics—Shape, Skin, Hair: QUESTION: How would you describe your Skin, Shape and Hair? For example – is it a reflection of who you are in RL? Does it portray an image of who you want to be? Is it fantasy? ANSWER: Casual, simple, nothing extreme, and with a little bit of extra. My skin [...]


I’m incredibly excited to kick off this new season of AvatarStyle by bringing you a profile of an avatar that I absolutely adore. Meet artist, conceptual photographer and funny, gifted, and charming gal-about-SL, Jewel MacMoragh. I first met Jewel at Artis Gallery last spring where her partner Sledge Roffo was installing his “Dots” series. Since [...]


AvatarStyle adores painter Renault Cluny. Cleo first interviewed him in March of this year and we learned about his amazing work; now, we get to have a bit of fun and discover a bit more about his personal style and experience in Second Life. Be sure to catch his exhibit at Yeuxbleux’s Greenhouse at Artis [...]


AvatarStyle recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of Second Life’s® most handsome male avatars, Channing Alsop. With great care and an eye for detail, Channing has achieved a level of style and sophistication that, in a world of idealized versions of our RL selves, manages to stand out from the crowd.  He was kind enough [...]