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I am not a big fan of quotes; mostly because it seems like people are attached to them without actually applying them in their lives, or considering them deeply in terms of their consequences.  Nevertheless, I want to open this piece by a quote from Maya Angelou – not just because her loss is tremendous [...]


Recently, I had the great pleasure of meeting a very special SL photographer, Marcopol Oh.  I have been following his work for a few years, and I have watched his evolution from being a good artist to a great one. If my swiss-cheese memory is cooperating, the very first of his photographs that held my [...]


As many of you know, I spend a fair amount of time on flickr looking at various artists’  work and following their evolution, and their favorite works.  The main reason for this is that our photography series (Meet SL Photographer) started with the mission to introduce artists that make the world look amazing – either [...]


The very first time I heard about Thati Boucher was some time ago, when I saw a photograph of the one and only Caoimhe Lionheart whom I recently interviewed as well. What struck me the most was the combination of the softness of the image, Cao’s eyes, and the mood it portrayed. Having seen that, I started [...]


Him: Men Behaving Badly; Her: Leila in silver (hair by Donna Flora, skin by Aida Ewing) If you are interested in women’s fashion in RL, you might have noticed that most of the successful designers are male.  Don’t get me wrong; there are female successes – Donna Karen, Coco Chanel, Nina Ricci.  But, there is [...]


It comes to you as no surprise that I spend a fair amount of time looking through Flickr streams. Last year, on one of those late nights, a photograph stopped me in my tracks. It expressed a feeling of serenity, and if you have ever tried snapping any kind of picture in SL you know [...]


It is no secret that one of the privileges of writing is that I get a chance to not only write about fashion and life style, but also to meet creative and inspiring artists. One of my recent gems was a chat and photo shoot with the talented Cala Rossini. One thing I have noticed [...]


Welcome to another installation of Meet SL Photographer series. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Cade Nansen, a young photographer with aspirations of becoming a plastic surgeon. He has a sunny and relaxed disposition, which is nothing like his darker (and on occasion eerie) pictures. As with all of our interviewed [...]


If you have been following our Meet SL Photographer series, you know that I spend a fair amount of time looking at Flickr streams of various photographers.  A long time ago, a picture in a stream caught my attention. At the time, I was drawn to the hair style that was featured because it looked [...]


“My works evolve on their own, I will have a vague idea to what I am going to create, but as I work it takes on a life of its own and almost creates itself”. ~ Neeks I first met Neeks Karu at a Christmas party for an art gallery I worked for last year. [...]