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Chat with Cleo

- I make images like i cook – I cook like i make images – I am fishing for eyecandy Fiona Leitner Cleo Tebaldi?: I love your artist’s statement. Tell me more about how cooking informs your art and where you seek inspiration for “ingredients.” Fiona: [9:21]  Fiona Leitner?: welllll I really love cooking and [...]

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I encountered the lunar landscape and tender, lonely robots of Bryn Oh’s Immersiva many months ago. I return there often to wander, gather inspiration, or just to appreciate the creative spirit behind its beautiful machines. Recently, I’ve had the good fortune to encounter more of Bryn’s work and I had the pleasure of meeting Bryn [...]


Chat with Cleo: Sledge Roffo Sledge Roffo and his lovely partner Jewel MacMoragh were kind enough to entertain me at their lovely seaside garden spot. Under the pergola, Sledge and I discussed his work, his approach to art, his process, and the beauty of Primagery. Cleo Tebaldi: I want to start by saying how much [...]


Frankie Rockett and Violet Sweetwater’s great sim, Art Box, lets you star in your favorite works of art—whether you’re the 50-Foot Woman of B-movie fame or Andrew Wyeth’s mysterious muse, Christina. To me, Art Box combines the very things that I love about SL—the beauty of art, the power of creativity, and good, solid old-fashioned [...]


I was slumped on a couch in a blues bar, drinking a cartoon beer and profile-stalking when the profile of this wry, smart, obviously gifted painter caught my attention. I have since had the good fortune of getting to know Renault Cluny. Renault’s paintings aren’t just pretty—that would be far too easy—they are challenging, tactile, [...]