The Truth About Adult ADD and Follow-through

The Truth About Adult ADD and Follow-through

If you are an adult with ADD, chances are that at some point in your life, you’ve felt that you are not “living up to your potential.” This judgment often manifests itself when you take stock of all the great ideas you’ve had that have never gone anywhere, and all the unfinished projects that you have started but never completed.
The overwhelming number of these things that have not been “followed through” can lead you to believe that you are not living up to your potential.
This is simply not true.
By nature, ADDers are visionaries and idea generators. If only someone would pay us to think up great ideas all day long – we’d all be rich! But we get so many great ideas all the time that it would be absolutely impossible to follow through on every one of them.
Think about it. If you tried to implement every good idea you ever had, would you have time to eat, sleep, or even breathe right now? Probably not. But this is not an indication that you’re lazy, unable to follow through, or not living up to your potential.
Successful ADDers know that they are always going to have great ideas that never come to fruition. It’s just our nature to be constantly thinking, creating and innovating. We can’t shut off this part of ourselves even when we try. But we simply don’t have the physical or mental capability to follow through on every great idea we get.
Embrace this concept as truth. Realize that some ideas are worth following through on, and some are not. Let go of the guilt. Refuse to listen to the internal dialogue that tells you you’re lazy and not living up to your potential, simply because you have too many good ideas to keep up with!
Instead, ask yourself what’s practical to follow through on in the present, instead of putting pressure on yourself to do it all. Keep a notebook in which you write down your great ideas so that you can come back to them if you want to. Focus on a few great ideas that you actually did follow through with, and let these be your motivation moving forward.
And don’t forget to acknowledge this special talent that you have. The ability to generate many great ideas makes you a visionary!



Computer software programs enable computers to perform specific tasks. It is removable and is differentiated from the physical components of the computer system which is called hardware. Application software allows a user to do something specific as in a word processing software program. System software allows the computer to run application software by interfacing with hardware and other software made to user specifications.

In computers, software is loaded into the random access memory (RAM) and is executed in the central processing unit (CPU). At its lowest level, software consists of machine language specific to an individual processor. Software is a sequence of instructions that changes to state of the computer’s hardware in a particular sequence so that the programs can run properly.

There are many different types of software. Of course, the system software is the operating system such as Windows or Linux. Application software can be in the form of games, applications, word processors, spreadsheet programs, and more. It is installed in the RAM and a point and click link is put onto the desktop to allow the user to launch the program easily.

Another type of software is programming software. This is a program that provides tools to a user allowing them to write computer programs in a computer language without having to know everything about that language. Programming software will include text editors, interpreters, link generators, and more. A good example of programming software would be Dreamweaver that allows a person to develop a web page without having a working knowledge of HTML.

A simple example of the way software operates can be illustrated by what happens when a user selects an entry such as “Copy” from a menu. In this case, a conditional instruction is executed to copy text from data in a document area residing in memory. If a different menu entry such as paste is chose, the software may execute the instructions to copy the text from the clipboard data area to a specific location in the same or another document in memory.

The only limitations on the use of computer software in applications lies in the ingenuity of the designer/programmer. Large areas of activities formerly assumed to be incapable of software simulation are now routinely programmed. The only area that has so far proven reasonably secure from software simulation is the realm of human art, but developments in this area are surely not far away.

Hydroelectric Dams

The use of hydroelectric dams have been in place since the early 1960’s. As far as the environment is concerned, hydroelectric dams are an excellent choice. They don’t burn fossil fuels so they aren’t polluting the air. They also aren’t consuming valuable natural resources that we have in limited supply on Earth.

Yet they aren’t always reliable though and that is a major concern in society. They have been know to fail at times and resulted in hundreds of thousands of people being killed. There is also plenty of concern that these types of dams will be compromised by terrorists as a way to attack our country. After the 09/11/01 attacks we can’t be too careful about what could take place.

There are plenty of benefits from hydroelectric dams though. They provide plenty of power which we all rely on for personal use and for businesses to be able to continue production. Approximately ¼ of all the electricity in the world is the result of hydroelectric dams. That means millions of people rely on it each day for their supply of power. It is considered to be a breakthrough in the making of renewable energy.

With a hydroelectric dam water can be controlled to help prevent flooding. This means if too much water is coming in it can be released to other areas so that things in the way of water aren’t destroyed. If there isn’t enough water it can be turned the other way so that there won’t be a shortage.

Huge generators are in place along the hydroelectric dams in order for the electricity to be produced. Thousands of megawatts of power are produced each day from these facilities. While it does cost millions of dollars to make them, they are very valuable to us. The more we can preserve our natural resources the better off the world will be for future generations.

There are approximately 2,000 hydroelectric dams found around the world. One of the most well known hydroelectric dams in the world is the Hoover Dam. It is a very popular tourist attraction along the border of Nevada and Arizona. It was built in the 1930’s and for a decade it was the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. Today that top honor belongs to the Grand Coulee Dam.

MySpace Surveys – General

MySpace Surveys – General

MySpace surveys are a fun and a creative means to spice up your profile or blog. Surveys can be found almost in every category, and generators are available to help you creating your own MySpace survey. The next section will talk about MySpace surveys and describe on how to add a survey to your profile or blog.

It’s a great way to express with MySpace surveys and also a best means for your friends find out more about you. Pre-made surveys in every category are also available, from “About Me” to “First and Lasts” surveys. “About Me” surveys often include questions like:

• What’s Your Name?
• What’s Your Favorite Book?
• What’s Your Favorite Color?

“First and Lasts” surveys include questions like:

• Who was the first person you kissed?
• Who is the last person to hug you?
• What was the last thing you took a drink of?

By browsing the World Wide Web you may discover other categories of surveys that are available. Type “MySpace Surveys” on your favorite search engine, this will produce a list of possible web pages that has a MySpace surveys available for your use.

Where to Put a MySpace Survey

The moment you find the suitable MySpace survey for you, you choose where to place this.
Posting your survey on a bulletin will give a chance that not all of your friends will read it.
Some members seldom read their bulletins, or making it their least priority. To make your MySpace survey visible to everyone who checks your profile, perhaps post this into your “About Me” section. This ensures that all of your friends will view your survey and perhaps reply it.

How To Insert a MySpace Survey In a Bulletin or Into Your Profile

It is so easy to post your survey into a bulletin, just copy your entire survey, including the question and answers then paste it into a new bulletin. Give your bulletin a suitable title to attract them to read it. Practice adding invitation for your friends to take the survey on your bulletin.

Post your survey on your MySpace profile to let everyone see. After completing MySpace survey, there will be a code given to you. Copy and paste this code in the “About Me” section when by editing your profile. Save the changes and your survey will show up.

Emergency Hybrid Response Vehicles

Emergency Hybrid Response Vehicles

Quite often when people have not yet shown an overwhelming interest in something, the government will provide a little push to get them started. For example, to get a program rolling, the government buys a million emergency hybrid response vehicles. Now, every city in America gets to participate in the experiment. Next, the manufacturer generates a promotional campaign based on their product and a strong concern for safety. Where better to present this than to the huge post 911 forum of emergency responders? With a little luck this campaign takes on homeland security proportions and becomes a great success. It’s all about putting the idea out in the public eye.

The term emergency hybrid response vehicle is already a hodgepodge. You can bet that to the corporate geniuses who put the buzz words together, they are worth billions of dollars, but what do they really mean? Webster says ‘Hybrid’ means “an offspring of genetically different parents” – fair enough. That explains the strangeness of terminology. Of course, to respond to something is to take appropriate action, the point being just that – a response rather than knee-jerk reaction.

Emergency responders have a hundred years of experience dealing with accidents pertaining to internal combustion. Accidents within the hybrid arena can involve high voltage, potential explosions and hydrogen handling issues. This gives them a practical heads-up on dealing with the new technology and points to the future trends being promoted.

But why choose the emergency vehicle to promote hybrid response? Well, petro-chemical fueled vehicles, emergency generators and alternate electric powered devices, still need a fuel source and are subject to supply limitations whenever disruptions to the distribution chain occur. This happened after hurricane Katrina and threatens to happen whenever Middle East unrest stirs world market fears. Hydrogen fuel is easily produced. We’re now another step closer to understanding emergency hybrid response vehicles.

The crystal ball says that emergency hybrid response vehicles are here to stay. The technology still has major glitches but it must be getting close. As a side note, you can bet the military budgets will soon allocate funds for a whole bunch of emergency hybrid response vehicles. Let’s see what happens when the gas prices soar and oil supply lines ultimately dry up. At least the emergency hybrid response vehicles will be out on the roadways!

Maybe We Need An Occasional Disaster!

Maybe We Need An Occasional Disaster!

The suffering and trauma left in the wake of last year’s tsunami in Southeast Asia, our own hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, the earthquake in Kashmir, and the mud slides of Central America, cannot be ignored. But none of these were man-made acts that we can attempt to eradicate, like terrorism or the brutality of tyrants.

These were natural events — cataclysmic to be sure, but an expected by-product of life on an ever-changing and unstable planet. We can certainly improve on our ability to prepare for them, and the speed and intensity of our response to the victims, but for all our brainpower and technological sophistication, we cannot prevent their occurrence.

To emotionally cope with their aftermath, we can reframe the tragedy of events by a focus on how disasters can bring out the best in our often flawed human race.

We can look to conservative, white-only Texas towns that opened their arms, and their hearts, to poverty-stricken African Americans fleeing the floods of New Orleans.

We can stand astonished but proud at the gifts of food and shelter and support that the semi-hippies of the Rainbow Coalition brought to stricken right-wing citizens in small Mississippi towns.

We can look around a football stadium where donors stood in line to give whatever they could.

We can bow our heads in awe before the families who opened up their homes to those who had nothing left.

We can salute the volunteers who took food, water, blankets and generators to devastated areas, moving faster and with more commitment than the reluctant minions of the Federal Government.

We all lead lives rife with potentialities. It takes certain conditions, combined with inner decisions, to convert them into realities. The best of us, staring destruction, anguish, and utter desolation in the face, rise to the occasion. From banal, self-centered, unremarkable lives, we seize the chance to become more than we have been, to harness our own promise, to dare the heroic.

Disasters provide us with unique opportunities. It is not that we wish anyone pain but suffering is part of life. When it happens, it brings darkness to its victims but also the chance for fellow men to kindle a new and brighter light that enriches our species, our spirits, and our future.

Exploring the countryside in an RV is a great adventure, even better with all the comforts of home

Exploring the countryside in an RV is a great adventure, even better with all the comforts of home

It may not be the most exciting bit of the holiday but owners must make sure they have jacks, spare tires and that wheels and mirrors are up to scratch. Generators and power kits are also for sale. RVs are large vehicles and the addition of a handrail, ladders and steps could make life easier. Camping World RV also sell mats and patio rugs.

Different equipment is needed for different weather conditions. Even a sunny day can turn into a chilly evening and it’s a good idea to have some sort of portable heater. The range includes convection heaters, electric and propane heaters. Cooking smells will need to be removed and general air freshness can be maintained with air conditioners, fans and vents. Some people like to have air purifiers as well. Screens for doors, windows and visors give good shade.

Cooking is conveniently done on portable or table top grills. Charcoal gives the perfect cooked outside flavor and there are also electric and gas grills. Accessories for these include tools, lighters and grill stands. Eating outside is comfortable with a folding table and chairs. Some tables also have a grill rack attached. Relaxing in the sun is best done on a recliner.

The company provides a full range of kitchen equipment, including cookware and dinner service. Stove top covers are a safety feature for young children. Other kitchenware includes a dish drainer, corkscrew and coffee maker. If there are any accidents in the kitchen or anywhere else, Camping World RV has first aid kits available.

It may be a rainy day or there may be want of entertainment on an evening. Camping World RV sells TV sets and DVD players with accessories such as cable, speaker systems and satellite dishes. There is a range of audio gadgets to listen to music, including iPods and mP3 players. Radios are also for sale.

The kids need to be entertained and there are lots of toys to choose from, including yo-yo’s, junior fishing rods and soccer balls and footballs. Board games, puzzles and card games are also available. Books and videos on aspects of RV touring and maps and guides are also available, so there is no excuse to get lost!

Global Warming – How can you Help?

Global Warming – How can you Help?

Global warming over the next half-century could put more than a million species of plants and animals on the road to extinction, according to an international study

Thomas, lead author of the study published in the science journal Nature, said emissions from cars and factories could push temperatures up to levels not seen for 1 million to 30 million years by the end of the century, threatening many habitats. The sweeping new analysis, enlisting scientists from 14 laboratories around the globe, found that more than one-third of 1,103 native species they studied in six regions around the world could vanish or plunge to near extinction by 2050 as climate change turns plains into deserts or alters forests.

Global warming is widely blamed on rising concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere linked to emissions of gases from burning fossil fuels in cars, factories and power plants. We can cut global warming pollution by reducing pollution from vehicles and power plants.
We can increase our reliance on renewable energy sources such as wind, sun and geothermal. And we can manufacture more efficient appliances and conserve energy.

But all this will take time, instead we should think of alternatives which can be done immediately like doing ridesharing or carpool, using clean fuel like CNG. There is no reason to wait and hope that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will solve the problem in the future. Right away, we should put existing technologies for building cleaner cars and more modern electricity generators into widespread use.

If current trends continue Global warming will have catastrophic effects like:
• Melting glaciers, early snowmelt and severe droughts will cause more dramatic water shortages in the American West.
• Rising sea levels will lead to coastal flooding on the Eastern seaboard, in Florida, and in other areas, such as the Gulf of Mexico.
• Warmer sea surface temperatures will fuel more intense hurricanes in the south-eastern Atlantic and Gulf coasts.
• Forests, farms and cities will face troublesome new pests and more mosquito-borne diseases.
• Disruption of habitats such as coral reefs and alpine meadows could drive many plant and animal species to extinction.

Such alarming facts call for some serious action on each one’s part and we can contribute by sharing our vehicles and making carpools in our cities.