Choosing A Reliable Colocation Facility

Choosing A Reliable Colocation Facility

There are no industry standards to designate a good colocation facility, but key areas can help identify one: power, cooling, Internet connection, and service. Good colocation facilities offer reliability through redundancy, maintenance, and service, meaning more uptime for networks and longer equipment lifetimes. Ask questions, be prepared to research answers, and look for the facility that meets the needs of their customers.

A good colocation facility will have a power system with backup units not only for the generator, but also the universal power supplies (UPS) and transfer switches or circuit breakers.

  • UPSs run the servers while power switches from regular electricity to generators. Regardless of quality, UPSs fail regularly, so facilities must have multiple UPSs running sufficiently below capacity to manage the total server load if one fails. Transfer switches or circuit breakers switch power to the generators.
  • Circuit breakers are more dependable than transfer switches, but it is important to have a backup for either system so that power can be transferred regardless of equipment failure.
  • As the primary source of power during an outage, the generator must be large enough to handle 1.5 times the total building load. If there are multiple generators, the colocation facility must be able to transfer the load between generators, otherwise a failure could disable all generators.

An overlooked consideration for uptime and equipment maintenance is cooling. All servers generate heat yet are designed to operate at room temperature, between 72°F and 76°F. Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units, chillers, and facility layout ensure that all servers receive adequate cooling. High-end colocation facilities regularly maintain cooling systems and monitor temperature, humidity, and power usage for optimum server performance.

  • Chillers pipe cooled fluids to the CRAC units. There must be redundant pumps and chillers which automatically take over in case of failure so that the CRAC units continue to operate.
  • CRAC units are large (20 to 30 tons), specialized air conditioners which constantly blow cold air. The minimum number of CRAC units to cool a facility is .030 tons per square foot. If there are four 30-ton units and the facility is 4,000 square feet, then there are .030 tons per square foot (120 tons ÷ 4000 square feet).
  • The facility layout should have designated hot and cold rows. Server fans blow hot air from the back of the servers into hot rows; the CRAC units blow cold air down cold rows across the front of the servers. Solid floor facilities should have return vents on one side of the room to draw hot air from the servers, and cold air vents in the ceiling blowing down the top of the server racks. Raised floor designs should blow the cold air with enough pressure to force air to the top of the racks.

Internet Connection
There are two major types of Internet connection.

  • Tier 1 providers create national networks which are dependable and fast but tend to have high latency and poor out-of-network performance.
  • Tier 2 companies buy access from multiple tier 1 networks, so they have speed and dependability combined with better latency and performance from a wider network. Some tier 2 providers offer performance routing to route traffic more efficiently between networks, boosting network performance by 50% and creating a self-healing network.

A quality colocation facility offers extra service, including any of the following:

  • A dedicated, 24-hour customer service line, plus onsite engineers for emergencies.
  • Changing backup tapes and storing them in a fire-proof safe.
  • Crash carts with monitors, keyboards, and other tools available when a computer crashes.
  • Structural designs to withstand earthquakes, storms, and floods.

Tour of the colocation facility, take notes and ask questions about their systems, backup systems, and maintenance, and find the facility with the service, access, and quality care to give your business reliable, dependable network.

Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators

You’ve probably noticed that Real Time Gaming, or any online gambling site, doesn’t use real cards. You have probably wondered at some point how the website is able to generate random card patterns that mimic actual game play without using real cards. The way that Real Time Gaming is able to produce random card combinations is through the use of a random number generator. Random number generators are not only used in cards games either. They use them in any portion of the game that requires an element of chance. For example, when you are playing Craps online, there is a random number generator that is producing the results of the dice. This is beneficial for a player to understand before playing.
As you might have guessed by now it is absolutely essential for Real Time Gaming to use the most high quality random number generator that they possibly can. They must do this to get as close to absolute randomness as technologically possible. There is quite a bit of technical details that effect absolute randomness and it is helpful for a player to understand some of the basics on how randomness is intentionally generated so that they can more fully understand how the game is played.
There are two basic types of random number generators that are typically used. The most common random number generator is based on a mathematical formula and is typically the easiest to produce. Obviously, the quality of the random number generator is based on how well the mathematical algorithm is written and implemented.
Another common random number generation method is the use of atmospheric noise, much like the white noise that you might hear on a radio with no station. This is obviously more difficult to re-create on the gambling format, however, the application is still a viable one.
There are then primarily two major concerns that a gambling website, like Real Time Gaming, must look at prior to choosing a random number generator that is high quality enough for their demanding players; you and me. The first item that must be considered has been discussed before, to be able to re-create randomness as closely as possible as to mimic the toss of a deck of real cards, or the flip of a coin. There are many high quality random number generators that are mathematically written that are able to do very well. In fact it would take the keenest observations to tell if there was a subtle aberration in the algorithm that might skew the results.
Another very important consideration that Real Time Gaming must take into account before selecting a random number generator is that of security. Any program that can be written can be cracked and therefore can be skewed in favor of a player without the best of intentions. Real Time Gaming understands this and has opened their random number generators to third party testing to alleviate our security concerns.

Safety Awareness In A Storm

Safety Awareness In A Storm

You can protect yourself and your family in the event of the hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and lightning storms that kill and injure thousands every year if you’re knowledgeable about electrical safety during and after weather disasters.

“After severe weather is gone, electrical hazards can still cause deaths and injuries,” noted Brett Brenner, The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) president. ESFI warns consumers to beware of electrical dangers associated with downed power lines, portable electric generators and electrical wiring or appliances that have been wet. These precautions can help:

• Use care when stepping into flooded areas–whether indoors or out. Submerged outlets, electrical cords, and downed power lines can energize water, posing a lethal trap.

• Stay away from downed power lines and anything touching them.

• If you see someone who is in contact with a downed power line, do not touch the person. You could become the next victim. Call 911.

• Do not drive over downed power lines.

• Have electricians install portable electric generators to ensure they meet local electrical codes and are properly grounded. Improperly installed generators can “backfeed” along power lines and electrocute crews working to restore power.

• Keep the generator dry. Do not operate it in enclosed or partially enclosed areas. Generators produce deadly carbon monoxide.

• Do not overload a generator; follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

• Use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to help prevent electrocutions.

• Do not use electrical wiring or equipment that has been wet. Contact a qualified service repair dealer to recondition electrical equipment; a licensed electrician can inspect electrical systems.

• To avoid lightning strikes, stay indoors and away from windows during storms.

• During electrical storms, do not use corded telephones except for emergencies.

• Avoid contact with water and plumbing during electrical storms.

• If outdoors during electrical storms, move to a low point. Stay away from metal items.

• Don’t forget pets during thunderstorms. Doghouses are not safe from lightning. Chained animals can easily become victims of lightning strikes.

Page Generator Or Page Cloaking? Is There A Difference?

Page Generator Or Page Cloaking? Is There A Difference?

There are many, many SEO techniques out there today. A lot has changed in the last 10 years. One thing that has not changed is the willingness of webmasters or so called “SEO specialists, to try to trick search engines.

It’s only natural that when a challenge is placed in front of some, they must overcome that challenge. The challenge here is how to get to the top of the search engine with your keyword. Most search engines have put methods in place to give the most relevant answer to your search query. So, it’s not fair if you use that against them. For example, you have a websites selling “wonder soap” but you use keywords like “paris hilton.” All just to get that traffic search to your website. Maybe someone will buy it anyway.

Well, the search engines & me & you don’t think that’s fair. I want whatever search I’ve asked for to give me the most relevant websites that might have an answer for me. Because, keep in mind, I’m searching for other websites through a Website. A search engine website. I want to save time, not find 2 million irrelevant results.

So, you see the challenges. It becomes a cycle of sorts. Hence, the creation of the SEO specialist & firms. A whole new industry forms.

True SEO is making sure your website follows basic logical parameters. BE RELEVANT.

Tools that are questionable are Page generators & Cloaking software.

Page generators do just that, make web pages. Lot’s of them. Early generators made lot’s of the same pages just to have bulky websites. They had the same content over & over again. Generators today work much better. They have relevant content. Lot’s of different content. Lot’s & lot’s of keywords. And they all point to your main page.

Page cloaking software makes webpages invisible to people but not to search engines. There are lot’s keyword pages with very little content and are meant to trick the search engines into thinking you have more relevant webpages than you actually have.

Cloaking is frowned upon by search engines. If you read the fine print on Yahoo, etc. you’ll find it’s all there in black & white.

Page generators, however, walk a fine line. They can be used abusively or used as a time saver. An ethical SEO specialist will use this software to create RELEVANT, CONTENT RICH, web pages. A reasonable amount. Not thousands of irrelvant keyword pages just pointing to your main web site.

So, is there a difference. Yes. But, more importantly, there is is the difference in how the are used.

Be wise. Go for the long term, ethical success. Stick with the organic, logical, ethical, fair, & practical methods.

Why every home needs a backup generator

Why every home needs a backup generator

We all take the little things for granted like the use of power running the refrigerator, microwave, TV, and other appliances or electronics in our homes. Why? Because power is usually on without even the slightest problem most of the time. But what about those times when there are power outages? That is when we realize that electrical power is a great necessity to our every living from providing heat and light to cooking our meals. For those who have realized this importance and have bought a standby power generator from their homes, the idea of prolonged blackouts is not as scary.

Why does every home need a power generator? Well lets take a look at the ice storm of 1998 that plagued the North Eastern part of the United States and Canada. Many casualties from hypothermia to other causes effected the people of the region as prolonged blackouts kept homes without electricity. Those that had power generators were lucky as they were still with power and could perform everyday functions like laundry, heat baths, and other everyday activities you could not imagine going without. Those without power generators had to tough out the storm and blackouts or find someone who would lend them a generator. Just from this case alone, shows the need for power generators in every home. Many other incidents besides ice storms, like the 2003 power outage in the northeastern United States that caused several power plants to shut down, can render an area without power for up to a week. Other natural disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, floods, and mudslides can cause the same crippling damage to power lines and effect homes all over a region. Many businesses have power generators to protect their assets. The same case can be presented for homes. Is it not a safe bet to buy a power generator to protect the people in your house from the what ifs.

Common Solar Power Systems for Homes

Common Solar Power Systems for Homes

Are you one of those homeowners who are dreaming of having solar powered homes? Perhaps you’re already familiar with DIY solar power kits. The idea may sound inviting however a lot of people are scared to create their own solar power system. Solar power is usually available in three kinds. You too can use any of these powers gradually.

People usually associate solar power with solar panels. But you see, solar panels are not the only source of power. You can choose among the several components known today. Take a look at these solar components that you can use at home.

1. Solar cookers – this is already a common way of using solar power. Some people may find the cooker slow in terms of performance but if you’re not rushing, you can surely cook on time. You can use the solar cooker to roast, bake, and boil. This is best suited for a small family with a maximum of 5 members. You will no longer need fuel since you will be using only sunshine. There are also no emissions or smoke.
2. Solar thermal systems – this is an ambitious system but it’s simply an update of the oldest known consumer technology. In this system, you will need solar panels. From the panels, the sun’s heat is transferred to a water tank. The water in the tank is heated. Your home can also be heated by putting some pipes. This was already available back in the 80s but it was rather expensive. Today, the thermal systems are more affordable and efficient.
3. Solar generators – many homeowners are now utilizing solar generators for alternative power. The generator makes use of photovoltaic cells where the power inverter is hooked. You can use the solar generators for your lighting system at home. The electrical power is stored in the batteries and you can use it later. By using solar generators, it would be possible to run some electrical appliances. If you have $200, you can already create the generator.

A wealth of information can be found on the net if you simply do your homework and look for useful info. By purchasing the DIY kits, you can create your own solar power system. There are also instructional materials available online that provide step by step instructions on how to create solar panels or cells. It would help a lot if you conduct a search online and read the step by step instructions there; that way, you can determine if you can carry out the project or not.

Solar power systems are not that difficult to create especially if you already have a considerable knowledge about it. All you will need to do now is to establish a workable budget so that you can start with the right project that you can afford. You can start with very simple solar power systems for your home like the solar generators. The generators are much more affordable and easy to make. After some time, you can now make more complicated plans like the thermal systems. Solar power for homes is an excellent alternative to those who want to save on electricity and help save the earth.

Don’t think twice and if you have the money to purchase the materials to make solar power systems, go for it. In the coming months, you will surely benefit from it.

The Best Home Based Business Lead Generators?

The Best Home Based Business Lead Generators?

As a work from home entrepreneur, I’m always on the lookout for the best home based business lead generators. Keeping your pipeline full with qualified home business leads is vital to your success in any program, and in this brief article I’m going to give you some ideas for how to do just that. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll have gained some valuable insights that you can immediately begin applying to your business.

Some of the best home based business lead generators are online, in the form of ezine ads, PPC (pay per click) advertising, press releases, etc. These lead generation methods are typically very cost efficient and can be implemented in very little time. While there are obviously countless other methods, these have produced great results for me personally.

As far as offline lead generation goes, you again have several options. Placing classified ads and direct mail are both excellent ways to generate leads. If you’re interested in diving into the world of direct mail, I would strongly advise that you spend a little bit of time studying the ins and outs of successful direct mail campaigns before rolling one out. Also, it’s important to start small with direct mail. If the campaign is proving to be profitable, you can continue to roll it out on a larger scale.

Hopefully this brief article has given you some ideas on what the best home based business lead generators are. Advertising each business opportunity is different, and one particular approach might not be the best fit for all. By experimenting with many different advertising and marketing methods, you’ll be able to find the highest converting method for your business opportunity. No matter what lead generation techniques you decide to utilize, remember that the most important thing you need to do is test.

Ozone Air-Purifiers – Eliminate Unwanted Odors And Pollutants From The Air

Ozone Air-Purifiers – Eliminate Unwanted Odors And Pollutants From The Air

Ozone air-purifiers are known for their effectiveness of reducing the odors in your room or surrounding spaces. The smells of contaminants like new carpets and acrolein, pet odors and tobacco smoke, bacteria smell and rotten odors can be specially removed through the help of ozone air-purifiers. Ozone is a highly reactive oxidant that aids in the destruction of certain bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants in the air. So the ozone air-purifiers can prove to be truly effective for cleaning the air in the surroundings.

The working of ozone air-purifiers is simple but unique. When ozone reacts with various substances or contaminants in the air, these contaminants are broken down into other materials that are also termed as pollutants. Ozone comprised of three oxygen molecules converts certain contaminants in the air to carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, formic acid and a variety of aldehydes. So the air gets easily purified when cleaned with ozone air-purifiers.

Types of ozone air-purifiers

Ozone air-purifiers are available in two versions: the direct ozone generators and the indirect ozone generators.

1. The direct ozone generators – usually work by producing ozone that filters out some chemicals in the air of the surrounding spaces. The ozone generators are highly effective for removing odors in the bars, reducing burnt smell completely during fire restoration jobs and in removing smells in other major odor issues.

2. The indirect ozone generators – these are part of the ionic air purification systems that produce and emit out negatively charged ions into the atmosphere causing the air-chemicals and particles to drop into the grounds and floor surfaces. You can clean off the dust and dirt particles once they are on the grounds, thereby purging the air completely.

But when you are using the ozone air-purifiers you should be quite careful. According to Environmental Protection Agency, ozone has been known for decreasing lung functions and body activities, aggravate asthma and other respiratory ailments, increase cough and chest pain, cause shortness of breath and inflame the lung tissue and increase the susceptibility to respiratory infections.

When you are using it, try to vacate the premises including pets, plant pots, art and other valuable items that are made of rubber. Seal the building and keep the generator running for few days so that all the pollutants, unwanted odors and contaminants gets ventilated. The human health institutions have recommended worldwide that a maximum of outdoor ozone exposure should be 50 to 80 ppb [parts per billion].

Advantages of using ozone air-purifiers

The ozone air-purifiers prove to be truly efficient for the following purposes:

-Protects you from pollutants, contaminants and unwanted microorganisms in the atmosphere.

-Reduces viruses and bacteria from the atmosphere thereby decreasing the spread of diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis and other diseases.

-Can be installed almost anywhere in the homes because they are portable, lightweight and flexible.

A word of caution suggests that you should limit the use of ozone air-purifiers specially indoor to reduce any ill-effects on the inhabitants. The ozone air-purifiers can be truly effective for outdoor purposes. But for even regular outdoors, check out indirect ozone generators with a low tested emission rate to reduce all possible ill effects on common people.