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Skye Galaxy was recently voted one of the Best Entertainers on Second Life, and peeps — that says a lot. Skye Galaxy is not just a keyboardist and singer at a typical Second life music venue appearance. As many of his devoted fans and entourage will tell you: he delivers a show, a concert, an experience. [...]


Hi BluJns! Here are your interview questions for AvatarStyle, have fun and let me know if you have any questions! QUESTION: Tell us a little background about your SL, when/why did you first come to Second Life and what keeps you here? Why I came here.  I actually came here to take a break from [...]


Article by Jr4string Solo – Photos by Jewel MacMoragh sits down and chills with one of Second Life’s most talked about live performers in-world: the legendary Guitar Zane. Most of his fans follow GZ’s nightly jaunts around SL as if he was a real-life performer, and packed sims are the result. GZ delivers a [...]


Greetings From The Cosmos

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Space Junky: “One who searches for cosmic truth and seeks to lengthen the space between thoughts” Music journalist Jr4string Solo sits down for an avatar-on-avatar interview with the lovely and talented avatar Shakti Cianci, lead vocalist/keyboardist/songwriter of one of Second Life’s most popular bands, “Space Junky.” First, as background for the uninformed avatar, “Space Junky” has [...]