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a Model: Jamee Sandalwood; Photo by J4ck Nichols I met Jamee Sandalwood-Binder some years ago, through a friend who used to be a photographer and referred to Jamee as a “very nice lady.”  I am not a big fan of the adjective “nice” in general; it seems one of those all encompassing adjectives to use when [...]


I remember, a couple of years ago, late one night while I was flipping through Flickr, on Skip Staheli’s stream I noticed one of his great pieces and the sweet-face model in it. A few days after that, I noticed the same model someplace else – could have been a magazine’s ad, or a photographer’s [...]


If your SLife crosses paths with photography, in any shape or form, then you know the name Julie Hastings. And if you don’t, I suggest you start this very moment. I remember when her name made me pay attention: I had heard her name around and would occasionally browse her Flickr stream too; however, one day I [...]


If you are anything like the average avatar out there, when you hear “model” you might think “attitude” or “snob” or “too good for you.” And if you are slightly cynical or unkind, you might even think “not so bright.”  Let me tell you that all your stereotypes undoubtedly will shatter once you meet Angelkisses [...]