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Guest Contributor: Finn Aries (all photographs are hers unless noted otherwise) Finni and I have been talking about going to different places we like for photography, and showing each other our tricks so to speak.  Then, we thought “hey, why not take our friends along?” And, here we are, starting a new Series “Meet This Sim” [...]


Prologue – 1920s America The Roaring 20s in America — a golden age of prosperity and progress, nestled in time between two great world wars. It was a time of rebellion against the traditional ways of the past, and marked the rise of cultural and artistic movements such jazz, art deco, modernism and feminism. Cities flourished [...]


The Egyptian civilization remains a fascinating enigma for many of us. So many stories we read about or were told when we were kids, or later. Mysterious names : Valley of Kings, Land of the Pharaos. Second Life offers ideal conditions to recreate this lost civilization either as a scientific project involving very detailed reconstructions, [...]


Recommended: To properly set the mood, press “play” on video to load the song before reading. Paris 1900…! The sim’s name says it all. SL is populated with residents trying to revive and share something dear to them: a place, a time, an emotion… Paris 1900 not only looks back at a glorious past, it [...]

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