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Our Second Life

Once again two of my favorite, talented, and wonderfully sweet designers have added something to the world that tingles my soul, fills my cup, and reminds me why I am still here. Yeah, the nostalgic bit brought to you by my approaching my 8th Rez day! *blows her SL-grey hairs out of her face* Anyhow, [...]


I have come back from a fairly extensive break.  The reasons for it are in multitude and out of the scope of this rambling. But, breaks have been known to be undoubtedly helpful – whether at work or at play.  I think the same rule applies to SL.  While, after 7.5 years, I had a [...]


Dress: Zibska, Corvo; Hair: Zibska, Epoque; Pose: Del May, Exquisite; Location: World’s End Garden My nephew of two and a half years old stands in front of the mirror admiring all of his own 2.5ft covered in a white button-down shirt and jeans. “I am a boy!” he half-screams. “Yes, you are!” I smile back. [...]


  I will admit that for most of my SLife, I have been homeless.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a pity case.  I usually end up sleeping in some very beautiful places, albeit public, and under gorgeous brick bridges. It does become a problem when you want to sort through your inventory, rummaging [...]


March 17 2011. At eight in the morning I have an appointment with Betty Tureaud. I know her like one and half year now and her work amazes me increasingly. Since I came to Second Life she has probably been the best example of finding new ways to express yourself and how to create truly [...]


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I had planned on doing an elaborate “all things green” fashion shoot for you fine readers of AvatarStyle.  Oh, it was going to be marvelous!  There were ideas budding for casual attire, trendy club wear and of course formal gowns for the fancy-pants among you. But when I logged [...]

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