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Once again two of my favorite, talented, and wonderfully sweet designers have added something to the world that tingles my soul, fills my cup, and reminds me why I am still here. Yeah, the nostalgic bit brought to you by my approaching my 8th Rez day! *blows her SL-grey hairs out of her face* Anyhow, [...]


I have come back from a fairly extensive break.  The reasons for it are in multitude and out of the scope of this rambling. But, breaks have been known to be undoubtedly helpful – whether at work or at play.  I think the same rule applies to SL.  While, after 7.5 years, I had a [...]


Dress: Zibska, Corvo; Hair: Zibska, Epoque; Pose: Del May, Exquisite; Location: World’s End Garden My nephew of two and a half years old stands in front of the mirror admiring all of his own 2.5ft covered in a white button-down shirt and jeans. “I am a boy!” he half-screams. “Yes, you are!” I smile back. [...]


  I will admit that for most of my SLife, I have been homeless.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a pity case.  I usually end up sleeping in some very beautiful places, albeit public, and under gorgeous brick bridges. It does become a problem when you want to sort through your inventory, rummaging [...]


Guest Contributor: Finn Aries Amarilum at Annwn Willows, Photo: Leda Carter This week, Finn and I bring to your attention a sim that is exceptional on more than one account.  Some of you might know this sim as Just Visiting, but it recently went through some renovation and is called Annwn Willows.  This sim is [...]


Guest Contributor: Finn Aries (all photographs are hers unless noted otherwise) Finni and I have been talking about going to different places we like for photography, and showing each other our tricks so to speak.  Then, we thought “hey, why not take our friends along?” And, here we are, starting a new Series “Meet This Sim” [...]


This week was the start of a 10-week Marathon for me. On top of my regular job (which is at a start-up & inherently has heavy workload), I have accepted an offer to lecture for a 400-student course at the university. Insane? I agree with you. I think this week I put in around 70 [...]


Landscaping by Felix – Magic Pine Forest; Photograph courtesy of Philippeg Galli For the past couple of months, I have been looking all over the grid for landscaping venues, as well as houses. I have never done any landscaping or building, and I doubt I will ever get into that too deeply. That’s the reason I [...]


Prologue – 1920s America The Roaring 20s in America — a golden age of prosperity and progress, nestled in time between two great world wars. It was a time of rebellion against the traditional ways of the past, and marked the rise of cultural and artistic movements such jazz, art deco, modernism and feminism. Cities flourished [...]


O Beco, an installation by Cullum Writer and Adreano Constantine We creatives tend to be somewhat sensitive (who me?) especially when it comes to the integrity of the work we produce. The thought of handing over a painting, photograph, story, poem, or other artwork to someone else for manipulation would send chills up most artists’ [...]