Buy Property in Spain

Buy Property in Spain

The first question, of course, is – Why Spain? Why not France? Or Tuscany? Or Cyprus? Or Florida? You have literally hundreds of choices. Surely, all of these countries can be great places to make a second home of. Why buy property in Spain?

Generally, it all boils down to the weather. Lovely weather, after all, is the main draw for people to the sunnier part of Europe. So while people have alternatives such as the rural lifestyle in Tuscany or the Englishness of Cyprus, for many it is a simple decision of where to buy property in Spain or in France.

Over the years, Spain has overcome France in terms of popularity for both holiday tourists and new permanent residents. Many might wonder why, but compared to peculiarly old-fashioned France, Spain is new and fresh and vibrant.

Instead of spending your days considering the merits of French history, you can spend your time in a noisy Spanish bar. Here, the debates aren’t about which cheese goes best with which wine, but about anything that is loud.

Looking at Spain’s advantages, it becomes clear how it makes perfect sense to buy property in Spain. The Spanish people are open. They are passionately warm and fun-loving. They sleep in the middle of the afternoon, and dance till dawn!

Now, add to all that the many truly beautiful places that Spain has to offer. If this is not your first time to Spain, then you probably known by now that Barcelona is cool and elegant with the amazing Las Ramblas. In contrast, Madrid, the nation’s capital, is vibrant and cultured with its lineup of fantastic art galleries.

When you buy property in Spain, you have many choices as to the perfect spot. You can choose to buy property in the country where peace and privacy are assured. The cost is definitely more affordable than coastal properties, but there are disadvantages, such as no electricity, no water, no sewage disposal, no gas, and no telephone. However, all of these can be compensated for, including solar panels or generators for electricity, septic tanks, water delivery, and mobile phones.

Your other option in buying property in Spain is someplace beachside. This could be a pleasant experience for you. The cool afternoon breezes would be a welcome comfort in the searing summer heat. But note that nearly all Mediterranean properties in Spain are tourist areas. So during tourist season (July and August), the area could get pretty congested with people pouring in from various parts of the world, ready to try out Spain’s famous beaches. That’s two frustrating months in exchange for ten months of relative comfort.

In the end, you will have to choose which option you prefer. Balancing the advantages and disadvantages of each option is essential.

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