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Alaska-based Rasmuson Foundation will announce this year’s Individual Artist Awards grantees live from Second Life on Tuesday, June 5th. All artists featured are based in Alaska including rural parts of the state. 2012 marks the sixth year that the multiverse arts event has taken place in both the virtual world Second Life at the Rasmuson Foundation Gallery of [...]


Ever want to be on the cover of a magazine, how about TWO??? Now’s your chance! Opulent Magazine AND AvatarStyle are sponsoring a photo contest for their fall issues and if you WIN, your photo will appear on the cover of the October issue of Opulent and on the home page of the entire week [...]


Congratulations to our friend Giz Seorn for being chosen BOSL’s “Best New Fashion Designer” award for 2011. This flirty summer Gizza dress is sure to be a staple in my wardrobe: I will wear this to work, to parties and out dancing with my fella. The new Lelutka hairstyles are simply fabulous and “glam up” any outfit [...]


“My works evolve on their own, I will have a vague idea to what I am going to create, but as I work it takes on a life of its own and almost creates itself”. ~ Neeks I first met Neeks Karu at a Christmas party for an art gallery I worked for last year. [...]


Prologue – 1920s America The Roaring 20s in America — a golden age of prosperity and progress, nestled in time between two great world wars. It was a time of rebellion against the traditional ways of the past, and marked the rise of cultural and artistic movements such jazz, art deco, modernism and feminism. Cities flourished [...]


Hi BluJns! Here are your interview questions for AvatarStyle, have fun and let me know if you have any questions! QUESTION: Tell us a little background about your SL, when/why did you first come to Second Life and what keeps you here? Why I came here.  I actually came here to take a break from [...]


AvatarStyle Card Dress: Atelier Bonetto Anastasija Jewelry: Caroline’s Jewelry Kennedy Black Pearl Necklace Hair: Maitreya Saar – Caramel Background by Cajsa Lilliehook


—The Basics—Shape, Skin, Hair: QUESTION: How would you describe your Skin, Shape and Hair? For example – is it a reflection of who you are in RL? Does it portray an image of who you want to be? Is it fantasy? ANSWER: Casual, simple, nothing extreme, and with a little bit of extra. My skin [...]


Petal Fairlock is a RL photographer whose artistic voice is expressed through images taken from nature with a Holga camera, which she describes as, “a wonderful plastic camera with very little technology, allowing me to focus more on my composition and connection with the natural world.” Her images are not only taken without high-tech gadgetry, [...]

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I’m incredibly excited to kick off this new season of AvatarStyle by bringing you a profile of an avatar that I absolutely adore. Meet artist, conceptual photographer and funny, gifted, and charming gal-about-SL, Jewel MacMoragh. I first met Jewel at Artis Gallery last spring where her partner Sledge Roffo was installing his “Dots” series. Since [...]