AvatarStyle Mission

AvatarStyle is an SL magazine that begins with the mission to provide authentic and thoughtful content to its readers. Second Life is about people, not pixels. What inspires a designer? What motivates someone to spend hours and countless lindens making their avatar unique? What makes the artist stretch past the boundaries of RL to create in this virtual space? Once we scratch the surface a bit, so many wonderful stories emerge, and it is our passion to share them. We aim to provide exposure for hard-working, independent and lesser-known creatives where possible — those who may find it difficult to compete with some of the more mainstream ventures in SL. If the motivation to create is purely commercial, chances are you won’t find it here on AvatarStyle. You won’t find us writing articles-for-pay, either — we wish to remain free to express our thoughts and opinions honestly.  We will always consider what is in the best interest of our vision and our readers above all else.

Claudie Benoir

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

as-claudie Claudie Benoir is a RL creative director and communications professional who makes her living on the web.  She is committed to supporting design and the arts in Second Life.  She has styled avatars for RL clients for special events and executed various integrated RL/SL social media campaigns.

Claudie is not a journalist,  stylist, model, photographer, publicist, event planner or builder — but plays all of these roles joyfully in Second Life. For more about her inspiration to launch AvatarStyle, read herletter from the editor.

Leda Carter

Fashion & Lifestyle Editor

In RL, Leda Carter is an avid reader with a PhD that licenses her to call herself a psycholinguist, a talent for getting in trouble, and a passion for poetry & photography.

In SL, she is an explorer who loves helping new arrivals, a bench-warmer at dance halls, and a serious chatter in groups, large and small. She is as likely to be found wreaking havoc at Franks or shopping for that special dress with a friend, as she is to be found in an open-mic poetry reading event or having a philosophical discussion about ethics, war, or educational system.

If you have a designer you think Avatar Style should know about, don’t hesitate to drop her a notecard.

Cleo Tebaldi

as-cleoArts & Culture Editor

In RL, Cleo is an accomplished writer and editor with a background in fiction, poetry, art theory, and music. Her voice is the heart and soul of AvatarStyle.

Cleo is passionate about discovering and nurturing creativity in Second Life and is a champion of the virtual artist, whose story comes to life under Ms. Tebaldi’s good care.


Jr4string Solo

Music Editor

Accomplished, well-known western US bass player of over 40 years, JR was formally with the world renowned/world traveled country rock band Redwing in the 1970′s – the bass player of the Eagles, Timothy B. Schmit, was once a member of the band and JR replaced him upon his departure for Poco & later The Eagles.

JR has worked in recording studios – Fantasy Records – and television production for many many years and still does, along with working production crew positions occasionally over thirty years on the west coast with music industry heavyweights Iron Maiden, Clint Black, Bryan Adams and Reba McIntire just to name a few. JR has had articles published in Valley Music News in the California Central Valley and San Francisco’s BAM music magazine.

Jewel MacMoragh


Jewel for AVS13

“Through my camera I seek to document my own personal experiences, to capture the unexpected, the spontaneous, the magical, the exquisite.  To live eyes wide open, and to never ever miss a thing. The best things happen when you least expect them. ”  -JM

My father aimed his old Nikon at me when I was only minutes old, it was the beginning of a beautiful, life-long love affair. At 19, I experienced a renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for photography while traveling and living overseas. I have created hundreds of portraits, covered numerous weddings and sporting events, shot for print ads and articles and been asked to partcipate in several charity events. But business is not where my heart lies. My passion and joy are in capturing the unexpected, the spontaneous, the magical. There is simply nothing better than going into a situation unscripted, eyes wide open, camera in hand, and discovering something glorious.

For the last several months I have been collaborating with Sledge Roffo on various projects. Mostly I make the textures and he creates the magic. We have worked together on Burning Life, SL7B, several of his most recent series including Dots and Goldrosa (yet to be unveiled) and now De Stijl Sonate with Soundsmith Kamachi for the Art Breaker Event at Pop Art Lab. Most recently, however, I have gone back to exploring SL photography and I am loving it!

Philippeg Galli, Photo Journalist

Photographer, DJ, gallery owner.
Photographer of the month, MORE magazine http://issuu.com/moolto-maxesloon/docs/april2011
Flickr portfolio: http://www.flickr.com/photos/philippeggalli




Guest Contributors

Patrick Cournoyer
Fiona Lietner

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