Halloween 2012: Go Ahead, Mask Your True Self

by Leda Carter on October 27, 2012 · 2 comments

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It is that time of year again, muahahaha!  I know some of you out there love it, and some of you hate it.  I don’t belong to either camp really.  Year to year, my relationship to Halloween changes.  There have been years that I have completely ignored it.  This year, as you can already tell, is not one of them. I am totally into it this year. What of the things I love about Halloween in SL is that you can start dressing up and preparing for it early, and that you can do a variety of crazy things for a lot less pain & money than in RL, and, finally, that you can drag it on and on.  The sad part is that this year I will not be around SL for Halloween because I am on vacation.  OK, so the vacation part is not so sad – I give you that.  And, yes, I can still write while on vacation shockingly.  I won’t be logging into our crazy world though.

Here are the things I need for a successful Halloween. First, I need some props.  If blood & gore is your thing, I recommend you visit Death Inc.  I have no doubt you will find fun items (ahem, guess you could call then that) in this place, from nails-poked-in-you-eyeball to half-your-jaw-blown-out.  Now, blood and gore is not my thing per se, but now and again I like the outrageous, as those who know me can testify.  At Death Inc, I went for this the veins around my eyes (it is a tattoo layer).  It is just enough to get your attention and be in-line with Halloween, but if you have a weak stomach, it won’t give you a churn.

wings: Miamai, Nike Boreal Wings; outfit: Miamai, Gauri Low; earrings: [glow] studio, Noir Memories; hair: Baiastice, Invasion; heart: part of Vita’s ‘I give you my heart!’; tattoo: Death Inc, Veins; skin: Glam Affair, Leah

In addition to the veins, you notice that I have wings. I know I don’t usually post pictures of me with wings, but I do have a good size collection of wings – some left over from my fairy period. Yes, I even had fairy dust but that’s a story for another time.  My point was that I am not new to wings, but I have to tell you that these wings are my favorites.  The feather is so thick and realistic in texture, and the color is awesome: it is unique but you can easily match it with many items and colors in your wardrobe.  It comes from Miamai (as does the outfit) where I always choose as destination when I am looking for awesomeness with an undertone of mystery and darkness.  I am never disappointed at Miamai.

The heart is from another one of my favorite stores. The clothing, accessories, bodyparts, and anything else you find at Vita’s is spectacularly unique. In the picture below, which is not exactly about Halloween both the outfit and the heart balloon are from Vita’s. The heart balloon was such a great find; I believe the heart actually beats!

outfit: Vita, Morana; Hair: Vanity, Graceful; heart balloons: Vita, Tainted Heart

I have been visiting Vita’s Boudoir for a few years now, practically a week after she opened her doors. But, my visits have reduced in the past year or so, after a couple of encounters with one of the sisters (Vita is owned by two sisters), which left a bad taste in my mouth.  I don’t know if any of you feel this way, but I need to like the person behind the designs.  Nevertheless, I still shop at Vita’s because the other sister has been kind, friendly, and helpful every time I have reached out to her for help. So, there you have it. For fantasy looks, out of this world looks, regardless of what part of your avatar you are putting together, Vita’s will have something to offer.

Speaking of visiting designers I like, that list is never complete if I leave out Giz Seorn, the creator of Gizza.  In fact, that’s another store that I found about a week after it opened its doors.  What I love about Gizza, besides the good heart and soul of its creator, is the fact that you can walk in looking for an outfit for any occasion, and you are bound to find something – and That includes Halloween.  The outfit below is one of those Halloween get-ups that will never go out of style, and will always turn heads no matter what venue you walk into.

outfit: Gizza, Passion and Glory; skin: [PXL], Kate Damned; hair: Vita, Irene; ring: P.C., Polished Stones

The above outfit is not a fluke.  Giz has created a number of great costumes fit for this occasion. However, if I decide to show you all of Gizza outfits (in any category), I would have to be taking pictures for a whole month. So, instead I will show you just one more.  When I saw the outfit below (it has additional accessories that I am not wearing in the picture below), I thought to myself “wow, that is insane”.  And, what do you think she has called the outfit? You guessed it: I N S A N I T Y!  I thought the wind-hair from Baiastice created the perfect look for this outfit.  Of course, you cannot deny that the face makeup adds that je ne sais quoi to this look, and completes it.

The makeup comes with the skin I got from [PXL] as part of the gotcha event. The skin is called Kate, and the makeup above is one of the nine that have been released.  The only nitpicking I have with it is that you can’t decide which one you are getting, hence gotcha I suppose. So, if you test your chances, you might end up with 4 skins but only 2 varieties (i.e., got the same skin twice).  Nevertheless, they are only 99L$.

outfit: Gizza, I N S A N I T Y; skin: PXL, Kate Muerte; hair: Baiastice, Wind Hair with roses

In the picture below, you can see another one of Kate varieties, aptly named Poker.  I thought it was perfect for the generous gift that Poulet has put out for PurpleMoon members.  Not to sound like a broken record, but I have already mentioned that she always has great gifts out and truly means it as a gift: neither here-is-a-design-that-did-not-work-out-so-you-can-have-it-free, nor here-is-a-2min-built-for-free.  That is not exactly a gift.  This PM gift is no exception; it has so many well-made pieces that you can use for many many different occasions, including the wings, the horns (love the red horns (no pun intended!)), the hooves, the tail, the nine-inch nails, and of course the skin-tight top.  You have to get it, no ifs and buts about that.

I wish you all a safe, creepy, fun Halloween season. Remember to play nice, and don’t bite unless someone begs you to!

 outfit: PM, Demonia (group gift); hair: Dura (2nd anniversary gift); necklace: Donna Flora, Bettina; skin: PXL, Kate Poker

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1 Tristan Meriman October 28, 2012 at 9:06 am

You be one scary LAdy!

2 Leda Carter October 29, 2012 at 7:58 pm

muahahaha! ;-)

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