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by Leda Carter on October 23, 2012 · 4 comments

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If you know anything about male fashion/blogging/fashion-photography, you must have heard the name, Hikaru Enimo.  If you have not, you have been missing out.  I started following Hika’s career a while ago, but only recently had a chance to meet him in person.  I met him at the great place he shares with the one and only Miss Kalli. The place is filled with props and set-ups for photography; it makes your mouth water.

What will impress you most, after closing your jaw and wiping your drool at how handsome Hikaru is, will be his gentleness and humbleness.  There is no self-importance attitude here; it is all smiles and friendliness, which made this interview an absolute pleasure for me.  A few weeks ago, I brought up the issue of the imbalance between male and female among designers.  This is also true among bloggers, models, and stylish avatars – there are more females around in all those areas than males.  At least, that’s what my impression is.  So, I was particularly interested in discussing male fashion with Hika.

Leda Carter: Thank you for your time, Hika.  It is great to meet you in person!  Let me start by asking if your RL profession is creative like SLife?
Hikaru Enimo: Well, I’m a software designer, which means I design codings.  It is different, but my passion for art is there.  In SL, I like to think of something that’s like in RL, and then try to bring it to life in SL.

Leda: When I look back at our “Avatars with Style” series, we have very few males compared to females.  It seems like, in SL, men are a lot less interested in style, trend, fashion, or even having their avatar looking better.
Hikaru: Well, part of the problem is that it is hard to get what you really want in SL because male fashion is limited.  We need more male designers to gives us more varieties in what to wear. We may also have less male stylist in SL.  Some don’t even want to dress like most stylists do. They just want to wear what they feel like. Others don’t even know where to start until someone takes them shopping. And, some others don’t want to dress up, because they don’t want to spend the money. *laughs*

Leda: Yes, that’s true.  Although I would expect that the percentage of those would be equal in men and women.  Are you a stylish man in RL?  A metrosexual? *wink*
Hikaru: Yes! *laughs* I love shopping as much as in SL. In fact, my skin, shape, and hair color reflect my RL. nI am blonde in rl as well as fit, and am a tall person. So, my avatar is not related to fantasy but it is more related to RL.  SL does inspires my style in RL, and I bring some of my style that I wear in RL to secondlife as well, provided that I can get what I want.

My avatar really expresses the RL me – how I work, how I react and how I talk .  I would say, I’m a perfectionist in some things that I do in RL, and I do bring that with me in SL. It’s like, you see me through him.

Leda:  Does that mean that you don’t change your avatar’s details often?
Hikaru: During my stay in Secondlife for nearly 2 years, I changed my look for like four times. The look that I have right now, would be considered the newest one, which I would think would be the last one at the moment.

Leda:  Any tips or experiences you can share with other avatars that wish to upgrade their look?
Hikaru: Be willing to spend time and money on upgrading your avatar.  Pick and choose what you really like and how you want your avatar to be. Accept criticism and allow others to give their views and opinions.  You can be anything in SL, from Furry to human…so the decision is yours. My advice is Wear what you feel and how you want your avi to be, that would be my philosophy.

Leda:  Any stories relating to previous avatar versions you care to share?
Hikaru: Well, I did start off as a newbie.  It’s hard, the first time, when they land  you up at the “Newbie Land”.  You wonder, why they can’t speak English at all? It’s kinda funny at first because you have to get used to the way you walk, talk and even dress. The funny part is when you accidently replace all your outfit in public . It was so embarrassing!!

Leda: Now that you have gotten past that stage, and are an experienced avi, are there particular designers who are your go-to in sl?
Hikaru: Right now, my favorite skins come from Belleza, body and co and fruk. Hairs I would have to name burley and dura!  I also have a few female hairs from DELA, Maitreya, and Lelutka. I even got one from [e]! <laughs>  We need to try on all that :) Sometimes it does suits, though women are easier to match the male hair compared to male finding matching female hair.

Leda: Your styles and photos are always nicely accessorized and put together. I wonder what some of your fav stores are for getting fun stuff.  Not necessarily pants or shirts or suits or whatever in that realm.
Hikaru: Well, I get some mandala (which is my fav), rozoregalia, and some others. For clothing , I would get the one that I want, the one that suits me, mostly for jeans, I would get from Legal insanity, Poison, muism, kal rau. OMG, it is a long list!

Leda: What would I usually find you in when on sl? Formal, casual, grunge, what?
Hikaru: Depends on my mood, I could wear grunge one time, and next I could be wearing formal or casual.  So, when I log in, I have to think about what I want to wear today.

Leda: True…..though in RL, most days you won’t find me wearing a gown while landscaping; love that about SL.
Hikaru: Hardly you see me walking around naked or in boxers in sl…well, I do sometimes.  *laughs* Landscapping wearing gown is priceless.

Leda:  Hehe. So, how much time and money do you spend on your avatar?
Hikaru: I would say I have spend a lot of time looking at myself and spending time upgrading it. Getting on with the new trend and styled myself into something that unique. That is why I am a model/stylist because I love to style and make the best out of an outfit.

Leda Carter: By the way, what brought you to SL?
Hikaru: Well, a good friend of mine recommended SL to me. I found it kind of weird at first, but she helped me through the whole procedure. These days, I spend most of my time doing photography, modelling, spend time with my girlfriend and friends.

Leda:  Before, we say goodbye, tell us a little something about the person behind the avatar. Who is Hika’s typist?
Hikaru: I am a 25 years old male who lives and works in HongKong . I love a simple and stress free life, but with my work, I don’t think I can have that. I love arts, graphic, music, watching movies, partying with friends and of course shopping. I bring that habit of shopping into secondlife, so you will definitely find me in any store in secondlife.

My SLife philiosophy is simple, I separate RL and SL work so I don’t get stress up.  Like we all always say, we need to enjoy what we do and make the most of it.

Leda: It has been a pleasure to spend some time with you, Hikaru. Thank you so much!

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{ 4 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Kallisto Destiny October 24, 2012 at 3:59 am

Awesome interview Miss Leda….I sure think that Hika is a hot tamale….maybe he will walk around in his boxers with no shirt on with me? :P Loved this, as always ur a doll Leda <333

2 Tristan Meriman October 24, 2012 at 1:16 pm

‘Well, part of the problem is that it is hard to get what you really want in SL because male fashion is limited. We need more male designers to gives us more varieties in what to wear. We may also have less male stylist in SL.’

SO TRUE!! And thoseof us who try have to mix and match maniacally!

3 Leda Carter October 24, 2012 at 3:45 pm

Thank you for your kind words, Miss Kalli! I bet he would show his awesome parts out of a boxer only to you! <333

4 Leda Carter October 24, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Thank you for commenting, mr T! I think part of the problem, as Hikaru points out, is that men also spend less money on fashion, which in turn causes fewer number of designers to enter the field. I am going to refrain from commenting on capitalism. Really. Watch me not say anything! *zips her mouth*

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