Kunglers: A Spring Chat with Ava Kungler

by Leda Carter on June 19, 2012 · 4 comments

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Dress: Kunglers, Linda, zebra; Jewelry: Kunglers Extra; Hair: lamb, Soma, ink; Shoes: Mea Cupla, Virgin

There are different aspects of each designer, whom I bring to you, that I appreciate.  Often, it is the style, the attitude, the texture, or the colors.  These attributes hold true for the house of design in focus of this article as well  - there is elegance; there is something just right for you whatever your mood is at the time; there is intricacy and beauty in the texture, and the colors are rich.  You want to know what the frosting on the cake is, don’t you?  If you know me at all, either personally or through my writing and Flickr stream, you know that I do not have a clue on how to PhotoShop anything.  Nevertheless, I like to dabble in snapping photos in different environment settings, changing color tones, and looking for different angles. Tsk, there I go on a tangent again. The point I am trying to make is that I cannot fix little flaws and such.  They just have to live on, which means what you see is in my photographs reflect what I looked like in-world, aside from slight tonal or focal changes.  The reason I am telling you all this is that Kunglers is one of my favorite dress shops, because everything fits just right.  And to show you what I mean, I decided to personally do the photography for this article.  It is not always that every single item looks not only beautiful and fun, but also like it was made to fit you – there are other designers out there who can do that as well, but they are all precious gems.  It is not a gift bestowed on just any avatar.


Dress: Kunglers, Seraphina, cytrus; Necklace: Kunglers Extra, Serpante, old gold; Hair: Dura, Emo07

Back to the point of my rambling, I found Kunglers in my early SL days.  In fact, I wrote about it a couple of years ago.  Recently, I was quite taken by the new season’s releases at Kunglers, and contacted Ava Kungler – who makes up half the design team of Kunglers, along with her sister, Barbra.  It is always so much more pleasant for me to shop at places that are owned and run by someone kind, thoughtful, and humble. When they are not – and yes, there are some out there but I am not in the habit of spewing venom – I have an internal struggle if they make good products.  The reason is that I do not want to support the attitude, but I like well made things.  Yes, it is a first-world struggle. I know and I am ashamed.  Thank god, that is not a challenge when it comes to Kunglers.  As I was saying, Ava and I had a catch-up chat.  Unfortunately, Barb was too busy to join us.

Leda Carter: So, last time we sat down to chat was two years ago.  Are you happy with the past 2 years’ growth?
Ava Kungler: So long? OMG! Time really flies by. I believe these last two years have been excellent in many ways. SL has changed a lot in that time, new techniques have been introduced and new tools learned. During this period I was able to devote more to the development of jewelry, which I love as much as  developing my “tripping” ideas on dresses.  This freedom to express the personality so freely and unfettered, always fascinated me the most in SL.

Necklace: Kunglers Extra, Maasai, kenya; Hair: Likeli, Curly’Fro2

Leda: Yes, when I interviewed you last time, you were just about to start a jewelry section.  I see that now it has grown to a full-on store on its own.  Has your jewelry been as well received as you had hoped?

Ava: Much better actually! <laughs>  My jewelry is, as you know, a lil different from the usual and expected.  That happens to be exactly what my clients are looking for. There is no secret about my passion on organic shapes, especially by flora and fauna, and having the possibilites to recreate it on jewelry is something that amuses me a lot.

I have always loved the jewelry at Kunglers (labeled Kunglers Extra).  Innovative and deliciously colorful.  I could not resist taking a picture of Maasai (above) without any clothes.  It looks so raw and simple, yet sophisticated.  Another set that I like is Serpente, which I have on in the picture earlier with Seraphina gown.  Or, Nightbloom necklace in the picture below.  I am telling you, there is no end.  I could go through the store and buy up all the jewelry.  Though, I have to admit that I particularly enjoyed how the turquoise in the necklace (Nightbloom)picked up the turquoise in the gown below.  Someone better invite me to a classy affair, so I get to wear this dress.

Dress: Kunglers, Ngozi, hortensia; Jewelry: Kungkers Extra, Nightbloom, rainbow; Hair: Shag, Black Tie Affair

Leda: Are you still working with your sister, Barbra?  Does working together ever create any tension?

Ava: We are still working together, and never had troubles working together.  Quite the contrary, it’s part of the fun and what keeps pushing us to continue. I only have more free time to dedicate myself due my flexible RL agenda, unlike Barbra’s.  But, the time we spend together is always great. Love my big sister! <wide smile>

One thing I have always liked about Kunglers is the variety in style.  While you are bound to find gorgeous gowns at the store, you will truly enjoy the fact that you can find shorter dresses, with a bit of a  fun flare which you could dress up for an evening in town, dress down for a walk in the meadow, or wear barefoot to get a special someone follow you in your footsteps.  The dress below exemplifies my point.

Dress: Kunglers, Anne, sunflower; Bangles: Mandala, Takara, brown; Earrings: Glow Studio, Secret, gold; Hair: Baiastice, Invasion

Leda: I see that you have started working with mesh.  What has been your experience working with mesh?

Ava: I have to confess that I was putting mesh on hold for a long time. Honestly, at first, I didn’t like all the “limitations” – specially on the fashion scene. Then, I realized that we have always had restraints, and yet still we push and it all became possible.  Hopefully, this modifiable issue on rigged clothes, which is one of the biggest cons right now, will be fixed soon because the solution is already known. Aesthetically, mesh clothes and accessories might look way better than sculpted stuff.  To me, that is a very good pro.

Top: Kunglers, Tina (mesh), teal; pants: Baiastice, Saba, white; Hair: Dura

Leda: I know some designer have an outlet where they put their older designs.  Do you have an outlet?  I notice that some of my older stuff (which are so cute that I still wear!) are no longer available.  Are they gone forever?

Ava: This is interesting question, as I hear this from customers.  And, from time to time I even  see a blog featuring items no longer for sale. We normally keep items for a year, after that we can see that people are no longer buying it on a regular basis. Then, it’s time for our annual sale and after that these creations are retired forever. Once in a while, we bring back some best sellers on new versions for some fashion events only.

Top: Kunglers, Joan, cardinal; Pants: Kunglers, Sara (mesh), berlin; Necklace: Kunglers Extra, Divinae, silver; Hair: Truth, Georgina

I am not a die-hard fan of mesh. I like it fine, but don’t feel like my SLife has changed in any way due to the arrival of mesh.  This is significantly different than when flexi arrived.  Yes, yes, I am old enough to have seen SL before flexi, and it was not pretty.  The arrival of flexi was transforming.  I remember when I bought my first flexi hair.  I could not sit still – well, some would argue that I still can’t.  But, the point is that I wanted to keep moving to see my hair move.  There I go on a tangent again.  I was saying that mesh has not had the same impact on my life, except when it comes to pants.  I have been wearing these mesh pants (above) every other day. Yes, I need more pants, but I also admire how elegantly they fit.

Of course, I cannot close this article without pointing out that one of my favorite gowns this season is from Kunglers.  It has an elegant design, and I love – just love – the way the fabric layers below the waist. I have already worn this out more than once.  Expect to see my showing it off in other colors soon!

Dress: Kunglers, Ingrid, white; Necklace: Kunglers Extra, Pitanga, silver; Hair: Vita, Waves

Congartualtions Ava & Barb, on a well-done season! Thank you for taking the time to sit down for a chat.

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{ 4 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Ava Kungler June 19, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Thank you Leda for the nice feature! your photos are great, and i’m impressed you dont use photo editing on them. Well done!!!

2 Linda Reddevil June 19, 2012 at 8:04 pm

Great article Leda! I totally enjoyed it and knowing more about Kunglers. You’re so right about flexi vs. mesh. The invention of flexi in SL was right up there with the invention of electricity in RL! LOL Also agreed, that both Ava and Barbra are two very wonderful, thoughtful and appreciative designers in SL who are not above, or bothered by, being approached. Well done :)

3 Leda Carter June 20, 2012 at 3:35 pm

Thank you, Ava! Always a pleasure to catch up with you.
About the pictures, I do a little basic tonal and focal changes, but I keep telling myself I should learn how to use PS. Thanks for your encouraging words about my photographs! <3

4 Leda Carter June 20, 2012 at 3:36 pm

Thanks for commenting, Linda, and for your kind words!

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